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Fallen Trees - Specialty Lumber/Flitches

Specialty Lumber Harvested from Fallen TreesThe beauty of wood is almost universally recognized as a uniquely special material for art or architecture. However, the method of obtaining the wood does not have quite so universal an appeal. There are a few different schools of thought.


For those individuals who can not condone the cutting of living trees, Horizon offers an alternative. There are times in the course of nature’s cycle when, as with every organism on earth, a tree’s life comes to an end. Perhaps it has simply reached the time of its natural death. Perhaps it has been plagued by insect or disease. Perhaps it has succumbed to the forces of nature: flooding, wind or drought. Whatever the case, Horizon recognizes these “Fallen Trees” as a special, viable part of preserving the incredible beauty that has been created through the natural growth.


At Horizon, trees that are harvested after they are no longer living are treated with the same respect and admiration as all the other logs that move through the company. In fact, they receive a bit of extra special attention. They are singled out and placed in the “Fallen Trees” inventory. Great care is taken to analyze the wood and make sure it remains sound and solid. If it meets the high standards of Horizon’s quality control, it is processed according to the best methods available to enhance the natural grains and character of each individual piece.


“Fallen Trees” is the answer to the moral dilemma that faces a “true romantic’s” love of wood. Horizon is happy to comply by providing a source of wood that has not been harvested in the traditional sense.

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