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Horizon offers crotches either as part of sequentially sawn SETS, or as INDIVIDUAL SELECTIONS .

Horizon's Crotch selections provide the full range of crotch figure. The outer cuts of a crotched log result in a unique, wide, horizontal crotch grain. As the slicing moves inwards towards the heart of the tree, the figure created by the crotch typically narrows to a tight arrow figure know as “flame” or “feather”. This unique crotch pattern makes a special type of figure that can be used with spectacular results either bookmatched or alone.

When the wood is stable and clean, Horizon keeps the flitch below the crotch intact with the crotch itself. This provides the woodworker with the opportunity to utilize the straight grain material, which perfectly matches the color and character of the adjoining crotch, as frames or rails. Imagine the superb projects that could be created with the consistancy of wood that comes entirely from one log!

HORIZON's Online Store --- CROTCH SET Selections crotch set selection

Horizon's crotch sets contain 2 or more flitches, consecutively cut from the same tree. These selections can be used to make beautifully bookmatched projects. Set selections boast consistancy of color and character throughout. The transition of the wider exterior cut figure through to the intense "flame" of the interior crotch can be traced through the sequencing of the larger sets.


For the woodworker wanting to make use of the unique pattern presented in a single crotch slice, Horizon's individual selections are the way to go. Check the link to see the inventory of specially selected individual pieces.


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