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What About These Gifts?

Written by Anthony Demangone

Tis the season...for non-stop commercials for holiday gifts.  It seems with every commercial break, Kate and Briggs' eyes get larger and larger  

Daddy, I want THAT!  It is a phrase I hear more and more.  And I wince when I think of the cost of all that plastic. 

Thank goodness for good friends.  One of those friends passed along a wonderful article that reminds us that some of the best gifts we can give that don't cost a thing. (  Here are a few tid-bits from the article. 

1. Say “thank you.” Expressing gratitude to others for the things that they do for us makes them feel appreciated and validated. That makes them more likely to do good work for us in the future. We then know we can count on them. It’s a win-win. So make a New Year’s resolution to actively thank people for a job well done – no matter how busy you may be.

2. Give out compliments. When we compliment others, we can build rapport and create a meaningful connection with them. But they won’t have this effect unless they are genuine. If we actually feel jealous, for example, our compliments will fall flat. Others will notice, through our non-verbal communication (such as a fake smile or lack of eye contact), that we don’t mean it. Remember that elevating others does not mean bringing ourselves down–whether or not we are on the same team.

3. Celebrate successes. Take the time to learn about accomplishments and special moments. Then offer hearty congratulations. We all like to feel important.


6. Show you care. Communicate to others your concern and support. Sometimes we may not have relevant information or resources to help them, but just showing that we care can be a valuable gift in itself.

Some may scoff at such things.  Business is tough, and we need results.   I won't argue with that, but never underestimate the power of simple, kind acts.  

Small acts can profoundly improve lives.   Team players - those that work well with other - lead to success.  And a person's "emotional intelligence" contributes much more towards success than their IQ.  

As a leader, you have a chance to tip the scales in the direction of compassion, empathy and enthusiasm.  They are powerful things.  Wonderful things.

And like the article points out...they don't cost a penny. 

Have a great weekend, guys.