2016 Regulatory & Risk Management Indicator (TEST)

Access to the overall result metrics of Wolters Kluwer's annual Regulatory & Risk Management Indicator in this report. You'll also gain insights into compliance and risk management concerns, new HMDA rules, the compliance function's in-house standing, and more.

About the Whitepaper

WKWolters Kluwer’s annual Regulatory & Risk Management Indicator measures eight critical factors that help illustrate the overall level of regulatory and risk management pressures that U.S. banks and credit unions face.

These factors include bank and credit union concerns about: 1) their ability to track regulatory changes; 2) complying with new and existing requirements; 3) proving compliance to federal regulators; 4) preparing for new Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) rules; and 5) how effective banks and credit unions feel they are at managing overall risks to their institutions.

For the final three factors used in calculating the Indicator formula, Wolters Kluwer measures and compares: 6) the number of significant new U.S. banking regulations; 7) the number of enforcement actions taken against banks and credit unions by federal regulators; and 8) the total dollar amount of federal regulatory fines levied against banks and credit unions.





What follows in this report are the overall result metrics of the Indicator as well as highlights of our findings, including banks' and credit unions’:

• Overall compliance and risk management concerns

• New HMDA rule readiness concerns

• The compliance function’s in-house standing and prominence

• Risk management and escalated priorities in 2017



About the Presenters

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Ben Weismer is a Senior Product Manager for Mortgage Payment Protection in CUNA Mutual Group’s Lending Retail division. He is responsible for developing this new product and its delivery channels from the ground up.